Comença a ballar! (Start dancing!)

From P3 to P5

Motivational, intellectual and emotional development through various gymnastic stories.

Show session: COMENÇA A BALLAR!

The stimulation of psychomotor activity in early ages is closely related to the development of their intellect. The main objectives are:

  • Helping the child to know her own body and its possibilities of action, with her and her environment.
  • Increase her potential in the following aspects: physical, intellectual and affective.
  • Improve her self-control and her interpersonal relationships and with the environment.
  • Collaborate in the education of children with learning or relationship problems, among others.

Iniciació 1 (Initiation 1)

From P5 (depends on group) to 3er EP

Extension of motor development through gymnastic, physical and expressive skills.

Show session: INICIACIÓ 1

During these first years of practice in the Rhythmic Gymnastics discipline, gymnasts will be enriched by a global and very educational learning where they will not only learn specific techniques of sport, but also fun, discipline, healthy habits … so to make our small gymnasts a large number of people through comprehensive training.

Iniciació 2 (Initiation 2)

3er EP onwards (2 groups each age)

Enhance gymnastics skills through various training methods. Possibility of making school competitions.

Show session: INICIACIÓ 2

The benefits of sports initiation and in this case rhythmic gymnastics are: – Multilateral and harmonious development. – Strengthening health. – The domination of technique and tactics. – The development of physical, moral and voluntary qualities, among others.

Selected access groups

1r EP onwards

Group of gymnasts, previously selected, with clear aptitudes for the practice of this sport. Extension of the requirements, schedules, contents and demand to be eligible for the competition. Group of gymnasts that will begin in competitions of greater exigency and that is why their preparation must be higher. Every effort is made for sport and gymnastics, seeking a positive attitude towards training.

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