Registration regulations
  • Before making the season ticket to formalize the registration, wait to receive the place confirmation email.
  • Payments will be made by direct debit between the 1st and 5th of each month. Data must be provided at the time of registration. In case of non-payment, it will not be possible to attend the training until the payment is regulated.
  • If you subsequently re-register, you will have to pay the tuition again. Unpaid receipts will have a surcharge of 5 euros and will be paid to the corresponding coach, no later than five working days, in a sealed envelope with the name of the gymnast. If you want to unsubscribe, you must do so in writing, via e-mail, before the 20th of the previous month in order not to charge the bank. To formalize the registration you must: Fill in the attached registration form.
  • Make the payment of tuition + first monthly payment indicating the name and surname of the gymnast in the current account of the CLUB. ES53 0081 0142 7400 0135 0146 / BSAB ESBB (Banco Sabadell).
  • You have 5 working days to keep your place. The registration fee, which costs € 55, includes a jersey, shorts, toes, rope, elastic band and bag. If the athlete needs any other clothing for training, it must be purchased through the Club. It is not possible to wear clothes of external acquisition.
  • * By filling in the form, the owner accepts the payment of the fee imposed by the club by direct debit. In the event of a new PANDEMIC or circumstance that forces the closure of the Facilities, the gymnasts will have the obligation to pay a reduced fee and regular Virtual Workouts will be held.
  • No returns are made. It can only be returned if the place is filled.
* By filling in the form, the owner accepts the payment of the fee imposed by the club by direct debit.


A partir del 25 de maig de 2018 entra en vigor el REGLAMENT GENERAL EUROPEU DE PROTECCIÓ DE DADES (GDPR). Un bon motiu per recordar-li qui és el responsable del tractament de les seves dades de caràcter personal; quines són aquestes dades, com les hem obtingut i amb quina finalitat les tractem. El tractament de les seves dades s’inicia en el moment que vostè formalitza la inscripció i registre a qualsevol de les activitats, serveis i programes oferts pel Club Esportiu Barna. Aquest tractament ens permet facilitar-li informació d’interès relacionada amb el nostre Club, tenen encomanada per llei, així com pel compliment de les nostres obligacions envers a vostè derivades de les sol·licituds que ens adreci en el marc de les activitats de foment de l’ocupació i emprenedoria esmentades. Si desitja modificar o esborrar les dades de la nostra base pot fer-ho fent-nos arribar un email a